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How to Prepare for Delivery

Delivery Guidelines

The Drop Site

We will do our best to drop the container where you'd like. The location where we drop your container should be a flat, level and dry surface, preferably gravel, asphalt, compacted dirt or concrete. If there is any incline , it must be no more than two (2) degrees. If you want to drop it on the ground, please be aware of the weight of the container and if the area accumulates water as the unit can settle in over time. If the truck or trailer needs to pass over any terrain that is sloping while unloading your container, it can result in damage, so the driver may refuse to unload your container. We are not liable for any damage caused to fences, concrete, buildings, walls, trees, bushes, etc. during delivery. Use of heavy equipment is required and may result in damages such as broken concrete, broken fences, oil spills, tire marks, etc. Please keep this in mind when selecting your area. 

If the load/container is unable to be placed where you want, you must have an alternate location to place the load/container. If there is not an alternate location we will haul the container back to the pick-up location and continue to bill at the agreed upon rate. If the load/container is unable to be placed back at the pick-up location it will be hauled back to our yard and stored at a rate of $35 per day. 

Road Condition

Our team delivers using a tilt-bed trailer​, so paved road surfaces such as asphalt or concrete are best for delivery. Please make us aware of gates or security access, extra weight, excess mileage, dirt roads or rough conditions prior to delivery. If you are located on an unpaved or dirt road, you will be subject to an additional fee as this will impact the drivers drive time.  Furthermore, the customer assumes full responsibility if we are required to go off road onto dirt, sand, gravel, etc. and become stuck. In the event the truck is to become stuck, the customer is financially responsible to provide a tow truck or recovery truck at their expense. The customer will also be responsible to pay for standby time while the truck is stuck.


We also recommend that you walk around the delivery site to remove rocks, tree stumps and other debris that could damage our equipment. It’s important to remember that most delivery trucks are not Four Wheel Drive, so they can easily lose traction and get stuck when moved off sealed roads.

Weight Requirements

When placing the container onto the ground the weight of the container needs to be distributed equally onto the four steel corner castings. If not, a slight twist in the container can make the doors difficult to open and close. Alternatively, you can place pavers or wood under the container, remember to check that the surface is level.


Height and Width Requirements

Given we deliver on a tilt-bed trailer, we require 18' of height for the truck and container. For width, we require no less than 12' of clearance. When the container is unloaded the driver will raise up the container to slide the container off of the trailer. The highest point of the container is approximately 20 feet. Beware that low hanging tree branches, gates, arches, eaves and other obstacles can damage the trailer, so you need to ensure there is sufficient clearance to avoid the driver hitting them. Limited visibility may also be a safety hazard for the delivery driver so on the day of the delivery ideally you should have two people on site to act as spotters of low hanging objects.

Length Requirements

For a 20ft container delivery our trucks need a minimum of 80ft of clearance in a straight line. 

For a 40ft container delivery our trucks need a minimum of 100ft of clearance in a straight line.

This ensures that our drivers are able to safely exit the property. 


Door Orientation

Please let us know if you want your container loaded with Doors to the Cab of the truck, or Doors to the Back. 

This is very important because it determines how we load the container. If the driver has to flip the container after arriving to the delivery site, you will be subject to a $100 repositioning fee. 


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